Travel Diva Tuesdays: The 10 Non-Rev Commandments (English Only)

Hey Divas,

As someone who has worked in the airline industry for more than 10 years, I am a master at non-revving (also known as traveling as a non-revenue standby passenger), and I know how nerve wracking it is as a non-rev newbie, either using your own airline's travel benefits or interlining. It's also worrysome when you gift someone with buddy passes or when your companion travels. You're hoping all the while, that they don’t show their natural born glass at the airport.  

Traveling standby, non-rev, or on last minute tickets is not for the fainthearted or the bullheaded. Below is a list of The 10 Non Rev Commandments that you need to abide by if you are traveling non-rev/standby. If you can’t abide by all of these—do yourself and the airline employee who’s benefits you are flying on a favor—buy a full fare ticket!!! 

I hereby present to you: The 10 Non Rev Commandments for buddy passes/companions/dependents or otherwise unseasoned standby travelers:

1.       Thou shalt understand that non-rev/standby/reduced rate travel is a privilege not a right. Thou art not entitled to it.
2.       While traveling, thou and thy dependents/companions/buddy passes hath no rights. For example, thou hath no recourse if bags are lost or delayed. Deal with it.  
3.       Thou shalt arrive early/on-time, follow all check-in counter/gate agent directions and wait patiently in the gate area for thy name to be called.
4.       Thou shalt familiarize thyself with all current and valid travel laws of the land/region to which you are traveling.  
5.       Thou shalt not act a fool or “altercate” with thy airline brethren if thou and thy companions do not maketh the flight. Vengeance is the airline’s and the airline shall punish any employee for his or his travel companions’ abuse of this privilege.
6.       Thou shalt be prepared to live at the airport when traveling during peak holiday periods (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.)
7.       Thou shalt also be flexible enough to have a plan B, plan C, or plan D, such as alternate routes or myIDTravel tickets on other airlines, if thou cannot make any of the intended flights.
8.       Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor with false priority codes.
9.       Thou shalt dress according to the host airline’s dress code if any exists.
10.   Thou shalt rejoice and jubilee to the counter if thy name is called and thou art cleared for flight.

A wise non-revver once said, "Can't be no questions, if it ain't no fees". Wiser words were never spoken. 

Does this cover all the guidelines concerning non-rev travel? Any other rules I may have missed? Share your ideas below!



La Deutsche Diva

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