I'm On A Boat: Fun At The Curves At Sea All White Cruise

Hey Divas,

I went to Full Figured Fashion Week's 5th Annual Curves At Sea All White Cruise last night and it was amazing.  To be honest I started off with a rocky start. I spent from the time I bought these tickets on May 13th until the day before yesterday, looking for an all white outfit. I was on H&M online, Fashion To Figure, Forever21, even my nemesis Lane Bryant (only because I have a credit card with them). I bought some items from the Forever21 at Times Square but still wasn't really satisfied. The white dress online wasn't available in the store. I was headed to some mom and pop stores in Bronx, and decided to go into Ashley Stewart, it was there that I found this dress.

I also ran into Kalisha, while waiting on line, who is working on documentary called Full Figured & Fabulous about fashion, models and the plus size industry. It is slated to be available in December of this year. The documentary can be found under the Instagram handle @FFFdoc 

I saw so many beautiful white outfits on beautiful ladies all shapes, colors, and sizes. 

Once I entered the boat I knew it was going down! I had a night full of meeting up with fellow volunteers from last year, meeting bloggers like Kristine from Trendy Curvy (below), Marie Denee from The Curvy Fashionista, Dominique from the Fashion Plus Blog as well as getting to know other new people, dancing, food and fun.

Pictures of this and other Full Figured Fashion Week events can be found under the Twitter and Instagram hashtag #fffweek+fffweekvids, or the official @fffweek account. 


La Deutsche Diva

Na ihr,

Ich habe die Curves At Sea All White Cruise (Kreuzfahrt) von Full Figured Fashion Week gestern Abend besucht. Ehrlich gesagt, hat die Geschichte ein bisschen nervig angefangen, da ich den ganzen Monat nach einem Kleid gesucht habe. Ich habe im Internet bei H&M, Fashion To Figure, Forever 21 und Lane Bryant gesucht. Normalerweise, würde ich nichts von dem gefürchteten LB kaufen; but I was desperate!). Als ich auf der Suche nach einem weißen Kleid von Forever21 war, habe ein paar Sachen gekauft... Da das weiße Kleid be Forever21 nur online verfugbar ist, habe letztlich ein weißes Kleid von Ashley Stewart gekauft.

Ich habe auch Kalisha (links auf dem Bild) kennengelernt, sie bearbeitet nun eine Doku, welche "Full Figured & Fabulous" heißt. Diese Doku geht um "fashion, models and the plus size industry". Das Instagram der Doku befindet sich unter @FFFdoc

Ich habe so viele schönen weißen Outfits und hübsche Frauen gesehen. Es hat so viel Spaß gemacht, andere Leute kennenzulernen, zu tanzen und zu essen! Mehrere Bilder befinden sich unter Twitter und Instagram hashtag #fffweek oder dem offiziellen @fffweek Instagram. 

Gruß und Kuss, 

La Deutsche Diva

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  1. Oooooh! There she is! Bloody beautiful! Loooovvvvvveeeeeee.

    1. I know! She is one of the models. She also was a model last year. I want a tutu (or is it taille?) so badly!


      La Deutsche Diva


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