Don't Touch My Hair, Bro...Why TSA Can't Stop Touching Our Hair

Hey Divas,

This weekend I was traveling from Fort Lauderdale, FL to New York City for Full Figured Fashion Week (I actually start attending events starting Tomorrow). Anyway, as you all know I have worked in the travel industry going on 9 years now and I travel a lot, with most of my travels being within the US. The most recent thing I've experienced is the body scanners...until this weekend. 

This weekend, I had the pleasure of having a TSA agent pat my hair down. More specifically the wig I was wearing over it (now you guys, know I wear my natural hair in addition to wigs, weaves, so don't act brand new). I'm not sure what set off the additional search: the bobby bins securing my wig to my head, the slightly bulky braids that were underneath the wig, the metal combs in the wig, that were also securing the wig to my head or a combination of all three. I was asked to step to the side while the agent massaged my head with latex gloves on. I truly didn't know how to feel about that. I have worn weaves almost every time I fly, but this is the first time that my wig got patted down. I didn't know how to feel about it, considering my purse had already gone through the X-ray machine and was waiting unattended for me. I updated my status on Facebook and found out through my friend's comment that TSA has recently been under fire for patting down/searching black women's hair at the security checkpoint. Even that it happened to Solange Knowles! Click here to read more.

I spoke to another friend of mine who (also works in the travel industry and travels a lot), stated that she has had her real hair and weaves patted down quite a few times. I even had another friend comment on my Facebook post, that her husband's dreads have been searched through TSA checkpoint as well. 

Now that I'm hearing (and reading) that it's mainly black people (mostly those with natural hair styles such as afros and dreads), who are experiencing these types of searches, I'm really wondering why? Although I read the article and there are plans to restrict this type of search, with it happening just as recently as this weekend to me, I'm not convinced. 

Have any of you had your hair, wig or weave patted down when going through the security checkpoint? Domestically or internationally? Comment below. 


La Deutsche Diva
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Hallo Divas, 

Dieses WE bin ich von Fort Lauderdale nach New York City geflogen, um Full Figured Fashion Week zu besuchen (ab morgen, fänge eigentlich mit den Events an). Ihr wisst doch, dass ich oft und viel reise, da ich seit Jahren in der Reiseindustrie arbeite. 

Dieses WE wurde meine Perücke abgetastet! Ich reise aber häufig in den Staaten aber auch in Europa. Bis jetzt hab ich sowas noch nie erlebt! Ich könnte es halt nicht glauben. Ich bin mir nicht mehr sicher wie das losgetreten wurde: wegen den Haarklemmen, die großen Haarflechten unter meiner Perücke, die kleinen Kämme unter der Perücke, oder alle drei? Ich wurde gefragt, ob ich mich zur Seite stellen könnte, während des Abtastens. Ich trage immer Haarverlängerungen, auch wenn ich reise, aber das ist das erste Mal, dass meine Haare abgetastet wurden! Ich wusste nicht wie ich mich wegen der Kontrolle fühlen soll, da ich in einer Eile war (meine Tasche ging schon durch die Checkpoint schon und hat unbeaufsichtig auf mich gewartet). 

Ich habe meinen Status bei Facebook upgedatet und herausfand, dass TSA schon stark in der Kritik wegen dieser Arten von Sicherheitskontroll liegt. Eine Freundin hat mir einen Artikel empfohlen, dass Solange Knowles sowas in der Sicherheitskontrolle auch erlebt hat! Dieser Artikel befindet sich hier, aber leider nur auf Englisch. 

Hab mit einer anderen Freundin geredet, die auch in der Reiseindustrie arbeitet und oft reist. Sie meinte, dass sie auch sowas erlebt hat. Der Mann meiner Freund hat auch sowas erlebt, da er Rastalocken trägt. 

Jetzt scheint es, dass diese Art von Sicherheitskontroll gilt fast nur für schwarze Leute (die meisten, die Afros oder Rastalocken tragen). Jetzt frag mich, wieso das ist? Auch wenn es im Artikel steht, dass dieses Hair Pat Down bald beenden soll, bin ich nicht überzeugt. Insbesondere weil es mir dieses WE passiert ist. Bin mal gespannt, wie die Situation sich verbessert. 

Habt ihr schon ein Hair Pat Down in der Sicherheitskontrolle erlebt? Inländisch oder international? 

Gruß und Kuss,

La Deutsche Diva
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  1. I get my bun patted down every time. I actually had a cousin (from my husbands side) complain about the same thing. And a whole bunch of her white friends said they got patted down too . I never really look to see if others are patted down, if they have their hair down, but i always wear mine up and it happens every single time.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I didn't look around either to see if anyone was getting patted down. I was too focused on my unattended purse. But thanks for sharing I feel somewhat comforted to know it happens to other people not just black people. But still. Don't touch my hair (or my wig), bro! Lol

  2. I had my hair patted down once. Hasn't happened in such a long time but I'm guessing not wanting to miss your flight would make you let them do their creepy search. Lol but yes it can be a tad bit annoying.

    1. I mean she didn't even give me warning. I would have expected her to say ma'am, I'm going to pat down your head. Just a step to the side and then a latex massage.

      Oddly enough, no patdowns on the way back, but I had re-braided my hair so that the braids didn't look so bulky underneate (i.e. wig lied down flatter to my head). I think that worked.


      La Deutsche Diva


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