An Open Letter To My Divas

Liebe Divas,

Ich habe vor ein paar Wochen ein Update bei Facebook geschrieben, und es läuft nun so:

"An alle meine Plus Size und In-betweenies:Es gibt Leute, die du dich treffen wirst, die dich ansehen und nur das Fett sehen. Es ist egal wie liebevoll du bist, wie witzig du bist, wie du so eine gute Freundin, Schwester, Mutter, Tochter, Kollegin oder Studentin bist. Es ist egal wie klug du bist, wie gut du zu jemandem zuhörst, wie gut man sich mit dir unterhaltet. Es ist egal wie taktvoll und diplomatisch, wie professionell, wie lustig du bist. Alle deine guten Eigenschaften sind egal! Fett ist alles was die Leute an dir sieht, denn die sind so oberflächlich, die sehen nur deine Fehler (z.B. Fett), statt deiner Persönlichkeit.

Bitte das Problem nicht annehmen. Falls du dich in einem Raum mit 10 Personen befindet, und sie können sich nur für deine Größe interessieren..alle 10 haben es falsch. zu behandeln. Du bist ein Mensch und Respekt hast du auch verdient!"

Ich habe das geschrieben, denn ich bekomme manchmal das Gefühl, dass meine Persönlichkeit wegen meiner Größe negativ beurteilt wird, dass die Leute mich nicht als eine wunderschöne, witzige, kluge, talentierte und geistvolle Frau halten...das bin ich aber! Ich meine, sie sehen alle meine Fehler [Speck] nur. Nun erkenne ich es, es gibt Leute auf der Welt, die so oberflächlich sind, sie können nur die Fehler der anderen sehen und nichts sonst. Noch schlimmer, sind sie so unsicher, sodass sie dich negativ beurteilen...wegen deren eigenen Unsicherheit. Sie wollen dich einfach nicht kennenlernen. Das ist Schade, denn die "schönen" Personen sind immer positiv beurteilt und die "hässlichen" Personen, immer negativ.

Lass dir gesagt sein, bitte die Probleme dieser Leute nicht annehmen!! Wenn solche Leute nur deiner Fehler sehen können, lass dass. Einfach das Leben genießen. Mach das was dir gefällt, verbessere dich aber nur wenn DU es willst. Nach und nach, müssen solchen Personen bemerken, dass du eigentlich Wert bist (egal ob sie das dir sagen oder nicht). Eins musst du wissen: negative Situationen sind nicht für die Ewigkeit bestimmt! Du bist fähig, du bist amazing aber vor allem bist du schön...falls die ganze Welt was anderes sagt, dann hat die ganze Welt Unrecht☺

Eins musst du wissen: Selbstliebe, SelbstvertrauenSelbstdiva!  ;)

Gruß und Kuss, 

La Deutsche Diva
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Dear Divas, 

I made a status update a little while ago on my Facebook, and it goes a little something like this

"To all my plus size and in-betweenies: 
There are going to be people that you meet, that will look at you and all they see is the extra adipose tissue that you carry. It doesn't matter how loving you are, how funny you are, how much of a great friend, girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter, coworker, student etc you are. It won't matter how smart you are, how great of a listener you are, how much of a good conversationalist you are. It doesn't matter if you are great at being tactful and diplomatic, how professional you are, how fun you are. All your great qualities will NEVER matter. All they will ever see is your extra adipose tissue because that's the superficial lens that they choose to see you with. 
Don't make it your problem. If you're in a room with 10 people and all 10 people can only seem to base your worth on or be preoccupied with your size, then all 10 people are wrong to treat you a certain way because of your size. You're a human being and still deserve to be respected and treated as such."

I wrote this because sometimes I get the feeling that people look at me and they don't see the wonderful, fun-loving, intelligent, gifted and talented person that I am. I feel like all they see is my fat [my flaws] and make harsh judgments about me. I've come to realize that there are people in this world that are so superficial and that all they see when they look at people are their flaws. Or worse, they are so insecure with themselves, they judge you based on their own insecurity. They refuse to get to know people and form an opinion of them based on the merit of their actions/character. This is truly sad, because in theory everyone who looks "beautiful" will be judged favorably regardless of whether they are a crappy person or not. Conversely, everyone who looks "unattractive" will be judged negatively regardless of how capable or great of a person they are.

I'm here to tell you whatever other people's issues are, don't let that be your issue. If people use your flaws (e.g. fat, facial features, etc), to judge you in a bad way, let them. Just keep living your life, doing your best, improving yourself only if YOU want to and making yourself happy. After awhile, these superficial/insecure people will have no choice but to acknowledge the fact that they have misjudged you all along (whether they admit it to you or not, is a different story). Just know that the negativity can't and won't last forever. You're capable, you're worthy and most importantly you are beautiful..and if the whole world says otherwise, well then, the whole world is wrong☺

Remember: love yourself, trust yourself, diva yourself!  


La Deutsche Diva
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  1. I agree 100%, never judge a book by its cover. And even more importantly, never let anyone judge you wrongly. Love love love that last inspirational paragraph. I felt like shouting AMEN! lol

    Have a lovely week.

    1. Awww Clara,

      you're the best! Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely week as well!


      La Deutsche Diva

  2. Ich mag mag mag! Sehr gut geschrieben Diva! Manchmal muss man sich an selbst denken

  3. This was so beautiful to read love it and you're right if they can't see past the superficial things then they are wrong. what i also picked up on even though am not big people judge me as if am meant to be thick because i don't fit into skinny or big. I get told am too skinny on a consistent basis, maybe its because Ive never cared it never bothered me but I honestly wholehearted feel the loudest critic is the one with most insecurity. imagine how long they spend judging themselves to notice something thats clearly obvious on someone else. like someone telling me am skinny, noooooo i didn't know that its not like i see myself everyday. I hope this doesn't make you sad but people are dicks and its important in the worst moments to remember people like myself and your close friends who will tell those people to f off shahidah is beautiful if they can't see that then their good or common sense has left their brain. lol.

    1. Hey Ola,

      thanks so much for reading. I appreciate your comment. It gets hard sometimes when people are sooooo superficial. It's ok though, I'm working on being in love with me. It's like that Christina Aguilera. I am beautiful, no matter what they say, words can't bring me don't you bring me down today.


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